Thank You Our Brave Military Members – Happy 4th of July – America is 240 years old

To all Americans and our Fort Mill neighbors

On this Independence Day take a moment to say thank you to one of our brave military service men or women. Their selfless acts of courage provide a lifestyle for Americans that many people around the world are not fortunate enough to have. A simple thank you means you care about their sacrifice for your freedom. This day is a celebration of a vision our founding fathers had for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Through trying times our country has pulled together for the greater good, put politics aside and made a statement in the world that we the people are united in our resolve to carry the torch of freedom on for generation to come. Love thy neighbor, love your country and take the initiative to thank those who would willingly lay their life on the line for the future of our great nation!


God bless you all …


The Willow Tree Family