Introduction to Sports Massage Therapy

Virtually everyone is familiar with the work of massage therapists, who offer a wide range of services. In addition to the deep tissue and Swedish massage, plenty of therapists take the time to learn addition techniques so that they can reach the widest range of clients. While training is necessary to practice new therapies, the real practice comes from working with patients.

Once a massage therapist has completed training in a particular specialty, they may begin to advertise those services to the public. It is always a good idea to double check any massage therapist prior to visiting them.

sports massage therapy

There are several reasons that patients choose to receive sports massage therapy. The most common reason that would come to mind is to help tense muscles after a competition. While this is certainly part of what sports massage therapy entails, there is more to it than that. The massage can also help to prepare an athlete for an upcoming event.

During training, certain muscle groups often become tight as moves are repeatedly practiced. Having them massaged regularly can prevent them from becoming too bulky and tense. Sports massage therapists are trained in the best techniques to use for each muscle area.

The therapist works with more than just the muscles of the body. Their movements also touch upon the connective tissues. They work to manipulate the joints to increase flexibility and range of motion. They teach the athlete about proper symmetry and guide them in maintaining good posture all of the time.

Although these subtle things may not seem relevant in a sporting event, the opposite is actually true. The addition seconds and fractions of seconds gained by being in peak shape allow these athletes to have the edge over the competition. That is why so many athletes are now choosing to incorporate massage into their regular routine.

When an athlete becomes injured, they will require the services of a massage therapist. If the individual is already familiar with the body of the athlete, it can help them to quickly determine the best course of action for healing. This can make a difference in how rapidly the athlete is able to return to their favorite sports.

Sports Massage Therapy Techniques

Although there are basic techniques that are taught regarding sports massage, each person and situation is a little bit different. These unique factors are the reason that having someone with experience may be preferable. They have had the opportunity to learn from trial and error ways to refine their movements and instructions in order to best benefit the athlete.

When considering participation in sports, it is necessary to plan for every aspect. Getting regular sports massage therapy can increase endurance, speed, and flexibility. Those additional refinements can make the difference between a person or team winning and them going home without a victory. It can also benefit injuries and help an athlete to heal after an event. It is an important part of remaining safe and healthy while accomplishing your best in any sport.

Finding your personal match when seeking the right Sport Massage therapist may take a little time. It is advised that you experience three to four massage sessions with different therapists prior to choosing one that you can build a long term relationship with. Your needs as a massage client may change from session to session. Identifying a professional massage therapist who listens, employs proper massage techniques and has practical knowledge to deliver the desired results will make a significant difference with the long term session benefits.