Best care tips between massages

Here are just a few tips to prolong the health-giving benefits of your massage between sessions.

1. Take time to relax or meditate. Arrange your schedule to include a few 10 minute time periods of peaceful reflection every day. Busy work schedules, home chores, child duties and other busy work can increase tension and stress. Taking a few minutes every day to lower stress and relax your body can increase the benefits received from massage therapy.

2. Drink plenty of purified water. During massage fluid is squeezed from your muscles and circulation is increased. Drinking adequate amount water after a massage session is important to rehydrate your tissues. The water will aid in eliminating your body’s toxins and waste products that can cause soreness and fatigue. In addition, you lose approximately 2 quarts of water a day through breathing, perspiration, and urination. If you ignore your body’s desire for thirst and don’t replace that liquid, you can become dehydrated.

Dehydration can make you feel tired and uncomfortable, and contribute to headaches. Other drinks, including caffeinated drinks and even watery foods such as fruits and vegetables also contribute to adequate hydration. That said there is no better substitution for pure water when you are thirsty.

3. Stretching regularly. Take stretch breaks during the day to prevent pain from building. Gently stretch tense areas in your neck, back and limbs. You can stretch sitting down and receive great results as well so having a desk job is no excuse for not stretching. Follow this simple routine for any area:

  • Stretch to a place you feel pull, but not pain. Don’t bounce.
  • Hold the stretch for 10 seconds to increase circulation, 30-60 seconds to lengthen a muscle.
  • Breathe easily while holding the stretch. Slow, full breaths can get more oxygen to your muscles and help prevent straining.
  • If you have a recent injury or surgery, or if you feel a sharp pain when stretching, consult your primary health practitioner before continuing a stretching program.

At Willow Tree Massage Therapy we strive for maximum result from your massage therapy session. We advocate a healthy lifestyle and actually feel good about our contribution to your wellbeing. If we can help prolong your therapeutic relief and see you at our office less often then we have fulfilled our value promise as licensed massage professionals.